What’s Your Favorite Captain Jack Sparrow Entrance?


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“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales,” sails into theaters this Friday, but if you are a crazy fan like me then you are probably going to see it tomorrow night. I recently saw the first 15 minutes of the film at a special sneak peek inside Disney’s California Adventure. I have to say I was very impressed, and it left me wanting more. Johnny Depp never fails as the Captain, and his legendary entrances in each film are my favorite part. I ranked the top five Captain Jack Sparrow entrances from my least favorite to my favorite. Which entrance is your favorite?

#5 Judge Sparrow


“On Stranger Tides” was a rough entrance mainly because it didn’t have the spark of intrigue. It didn’t feel like classic Sparrow on a boat or just being himself. I wasn’t surprised by it, and I believe the team could’ve come up with something better.

#4 Multiple Jacks


“At Worlds End” had so much potential if they left out the multiple Jacks. It was great comic relief, but it was too much. The grand entrance on the Pearl was perfect, and it reflected the first film. It also showcased his love for the Pearl.

#3 Entrance from “Dead Men Tell No Tales”

Tara Fisher 

You will have to wait and see!  I personally thought his entrance was funny, classic Jack and also everything a pirate is supposed to be.

#2 Crow Coffin


“Dead Man’s Chest” was a great entrance, and it also foreshadowed his impending death at the end of the film. It was mischievous and funny. The scene was so well thought out that the audience didn’t expect Sparrow to be in the coffin. I was surprised by it!

#1 He’s a Pirate


No entrance will ever be able to top the first film. It was a great scene that left the audience wondering about this dreadful pirate, who obviously knew what he was doing. It was intriguing, surprising and it left everyone wanting more 14 years later.

Share your favorite Captain Jack Sparrow entrance. Stay tuned for a full review on “Dead Men Tell No Tales.”

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