5 Burning Questions From “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”

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Warning this post contains spoilers from the film. Please do not read if you don’t want to be spoiled!

I decided to not write a review of the film because I’m pretty biased to all things related to “Pirates.” Instead I am going to explain 5 of the reoccurring questions that I have noticed many people are asking or are just confused about. I understand we all want closure to stories or we want answers immediately, but unfortunately we can’t always get what we want. We also have to understand that these films are fiction, yet are based on real pirate myths. Here are the five questions people are asking about:

1) I thought Tia Dalma gave Jack his compass?

Let’s rewind.  At some point in Jack’s earlier years, he seeks out Tia Dalma and barters to get the compass. It is possible that Jack barters the compass for his captain, but we can only speculate. Once Jack becomes captain of the Wicked Wench, he inherits the compass from his late captain.  Later, Jack becomes a merchant pirate for the East India Trading Company. He’s branded a pirate by Lord Cutler Beckett, who later sinks the Wicked Wench.  Jack strikes a deal with Davy Jones to raise the Wench from the sea, and in return offer his soul to Jones. Jones agrees to make Jack captain of the renamed Black Pearl for 13 years. Once Jack has the Pearl, he sails for the Isle de Muerta with Barbossa as his first mate. Barbossa calls a mutiny on Jack, and leaves him on a deserted island with one bullet in his pistol. This begins the story of “The Curse of the Black Pearl.”

2) Jack’s given his compass to others in the past so isn’t that considered betrayal?

Jack has let others use his compass to help them find the thing they want most in this world. He never gave up hope on the compass. There were times he didn’t know what he wanted, such as in “Dead Man’s Chest” when he allowed Elizabeth to use it for his benefit. In “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” Jack has hit rock bottom. He has no crew, no ship and he doesn’t believe in the compass anymore. He doesn’t believe in himself anymore. He has lost all hope, and therefore gives up his ownership of the compass like it is a piece of junk. This is why the compass betrays him, and releases his greatest fear.

3) When did Barbossa have time to have a daughter? I don’t understand why this wasn’t mentioned

Barbossa is a pirate, he is not a saint. There’s more to piracy than ships, treasure and rum. These men are extremely lonely once they reach Tortuga.  Once they add a little rum, and the women come along things happen. This could’ve happened anytime after “At World’s End.” This added a little more depth and interest to this character that we have come to love over time.

4) I don’t understand the Henry Turner timeline? It doesn’t line up with the previous films

It lines up pretty well actually. Henry is assumed to be conceived at the end of “At World’s End.” The post credits scene shows young Henry awaiting his father’s arrival for his one day on land. Henry probably had an amazing day with his dad then makes a vow to find a way to break his curse. During the next nine years, he researches and continues to meet his dad under the sea. “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” leads up to a 19 year old Henry Turner.  Now, everyone is wondering how “On Stranger Tides” works in comparison. “On Stranger Tides” is a separate adventure for Jack. The search for the fountain of youth started at the end of “At World’s End.” That adventure happened within the 19 years before “Dead Men Tell No Tales.”

5) How can Davy Jones be back? He died at the end of “At World’s End”      

Once the Trident of Poseidon was destroyed so were all the curses of the sea. Now, it is assumed that Davy Jones fell to his death at the end of “At World’s End.” Will stabbed the heart and took over the Dutchman. Davy Jones was at peace with Calypso. I believe there is more to his return, and it is not linked to the curse being broken.  We were briefly introduced to Shansa who is a witch and who is working for Barbossa. She states that she has been helping him keep his enemies away. Davy Jones could have been resurrected, and could be back for revenge on all. We all remember Barbossa was resurrected by Tia Dalma who is Calypso. Calypso herself could’ve resurrected Davy Jones because she is the sea.

I hope these answers help you understand that these films have a lot of back story, and we really have to pay attention to every detail. I really enjoyed the film, and I hope they make a sixth story!

Below are affiliate links to the previous Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Re watch these films to get a better understanding of the above questions!


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