Self Care 101: Social Media Cleanse

I’m starting to lose count of the days that I have removed myself from social media. I can guarantee that half of you will not see this blog post because it will not be posted on all social media outlets. I’ve learned a lot about my addiction to social media, such as who really cares about me, and who only looks at it as a popularity contest.

I don’t have fear of missing out anymore (FOMO) because I figure if it’s really important I’ll find out either way. I’m more focused on myself and not about what others are doing every hour of the day. Sure, I miss posting pictures sometimes, but I also don’t miss having to worry about how many likes I’m going to get within an hour.

Have you removed yourself from social media? What have you learned about yourself and others?

Author: Tara Fisher

Disney is my life. I am also the Mother of Pugs.

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